January 23, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff x Man Repeller

Rebecca Minkoff and Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller are clearly making babies and making googly eyes at each other and covering it up as 'accidentally' running into each other at a local Starbucks shop1. Not that I disapprove, on the contrary, I appreciate this tragedy-stricken relationship. (There's no tragedy. None whatsoever. But I like unnecessary dramatization, so forgive me) I must say this is a goodass video. Leandra has swag. Also, the video editor(s) and the person who has control over music selection also has swag. 

1 Since Starbucks has been sprouting everywhere, it has actually become local in every corner of the world. Kinda like HSBC touts itself as 'World's local bank', Starbucks is 'Earth's local overpriced coffee joint'. I actually go there for their Chocolate Frappucinos which are the priciest of them all AND it's not even coffee. So for me it is overpriced. Darn you, Starbucks and your ability to churn out good fraps and make me poor.

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