January 9, 2015

New dawn, new Diyanah.


This blog had been abandoned for some time and I'd like to revive it.

Going into the new year—and diving into college application essays—I have regretted not keeping a blog up and running. A place where my thoughts can dwell, where memories are preserved and where ramblings are posted. This started out as a fashion blog but I've decided to make it into a lifestyle blog. Combining all the different elements of my life in just one blog, so prepare for the haphazard posts coming your way!

What I want from this blog is just an outlet for me to work on my writing and try to genuinely convey interesting anecdotes or mundane moments or anything really. This is just a space for me to write my thoughts/ideas/daily dilemmas/reviews/whathave yous. On previousblogs that are now dead, I realized they were all what I did and how I did it and with whom, with no point of view or self-reflection. So, here I am, pledging to put some thought into my blog posts—literally.

It's 2015. I'm turning the big 20 this year and Ifeellike nothing has changed.The people around me and the place where I am physically at has changed but I have not changed though, not by a whole lot at least.

Thinking about it, I am only 20, what am I trying to rush into anyway? Adulthood? I'm pretty sure if adult Diyanah is trying to warn me right this instant, it's to tell me to delay adulthood as much as I humanly can. It's not that I want to stay stuck in Neverland, but I know HUGE responsibilities are closely intertwined with adulthood. So let me try to enjoy the end of my teen ood in this new year.

Let the new year begin, and come what may

xx Diyanah